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Are you a fan of music or video games? To locate your favorite music, tap, and swipe on Beat. Download Beatstar APK right now. Can you finish it?

Contrary to more popular game genres like shooting, action, and survival, music games are less prevalent. However, they are among the oldest, and given how many new games are created each year, they undoubtedly still exist. Beatstar is available right now for those who appreciate retro Rhythm games. You may find fresh music here with Beatstar APK, and you can also take pleasure in device swiping! This game resurrects the beloved, vintage pay-generation music games of today.

Mastering your favorite tracks is the next best thing if you feel that listening to music isn’t enough. You may listen to your favorite tunes while playing this game and exploring a whole new universe! Because all you need to do to play is keep up with the rhythm and tap the tiles repeatedly as they move through the line, the game is simple. To flawlessly follow the beat and take in its greatest melody is the difficulty. There are so many musicians here right now that have contributed to so many songs!

App Details

Name Beatstar
Size 286.6 MB
Version v22.0.1.21606
Package Name com.spaceapegames.beatstar
Developer Space Ape
Category Games/Arcade
Price Free
Minimal Support Required 6.0 and Above

Review of Beatstar APK

Compared to other genres, the world of music games is smaller and less well-known. However, the genre is now brimming with intriguing ideas and games that are comparable. But touching the tiles while following the beat of the song is now the most widely used method of generating music. You may manipulate rhythms, vocalists, and instruments in Beatstar APK to create the ideal song. You may currently listen to brand-new music from your favorite musician’s thanks to this creative gameplay!

You can save the best-coordinated music ever in a game by collecting tracks with the Beatstar APK! You may listen to the finest songs from hundreds of musicians right this second. You may now play the final playlist and attempt to surpass the high score. Playing several beats and songs will help you become an expert at this game. Additionally, you may introduce your friends to new songs and raise their scores right now!

Screenshot of
Screenshot of

Key Features of Beatstar APK

  • Downloading the game app is free.
  • Registration is not required.
  • No registration is necessary.
  • Coins and Gems are needed.
  • The coins will assist in opening up various lists and songs.
  • Even so, it aids in opening various boxes.
  • Many resources can be found by exploring the boxes.
  • Songs and tunes are among them.
  • No external advertising is accepted.
  • It’s exclusively available for online play.
  • Stable connectivity is necessary for online gaming.
  • The game’s UI was kept straightforward.
  • Optional vibration
  • There are many more possibilities now available.
  • There are multilingual plugins among them.
  • Friends and the world ranking list are accessible for selection.
  • Now that you may explore your position internationally, check out the list.
  • Even so, it aids in performance evaluation.

How To Download Beatstar APK

The game application we are showcasing and making available in the download area is only taken from the official store. Even Google Play is directly accessible in the shop. However, a lot of Android users have expressed dissatisfaction with direct accessibility.

This indicates that a large number of Android users cannot download straight Apk files from the Play Store or official servers. So, what are those Android players supposed to do in this circumstance? Therefore, in this case, we advise individuals to visit our website and download the most recent version of Apk with a single click.

Is It Safe To Install The Beatstar APK

The game application we have on hand and are showcasing in the downloads area is unique. Before putting the Apk in the download area, moreover. We have previously installed it on several devices and determined that it is safe to use.

We have previously published a huge variety of gameplays from many different genres right here on our website. You must click on the offered links if you’re interested in playing those other games. Project Sekai Apk and Kinja Run Apk are those.

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Download Beatstar APK to embark on an unending musical trip where you may enjoyably produce some great musical rhythms and tastes. Join the voyage to experience the best of the game format where you touch on the tiles to make beats and group music. The journey is legendary. Download the updated version of the game, which makes it even simpler and easier to play while making viral tunes, here.

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