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For those looking for a spooky and horror gaming experience, Granny Mod Apk is ideal. Players in this straightforward game must flee from danger to preserve their lives. The pleasure that players experience while playing this game is among the most noticeable. The game’s objective is to survive in Granny’s secret-filled, zombie monster home. Additionally, get the most recent version of the Granny mod apk with limitless ammunition. The game is an enhanced and modified version of the original.

You may get all the premium features, like limitless money, souls, weapons, health, clues, and game modes, by using the granny mod menu outwit. Download Granny chapter 1 Mod Apk to make as many attempts at escape as you can. Here is a recommendation: click the Hungry Dragon Mod Apk link, download it, and then leave a comment with your thoughts.

App Details

Name Granny
Size 103.7 MB
Version v1.7.9
Package Name com.dvloper.granny
Developer DVloper
Category Games/Arcade
Price Free
Minimal Support Required 4.4 and Above

Review of Granny Mod Apk

The Granny Mod Apk game genre is renowned for its unsettling visuals. This game is available from a well-known developer. Additionally, it will frighten you the entire game. It is now the most well-liked horror game, based on data from the apps for the App Store and Google Play. While playing the game, some players could experience a slight sense of fear or shock.

Over 100 million downloads of the game have come from Android users alone. Over 228 thousand favorable evaluations of the game have been published globally. Players will also have access to limitless prizes, allowing them to have the greatest enjoyment possible from the game.


You and a blind woman you refer to as Granny is trapped within a five-story skyscraper in this exciting game. She is a deranged woman who murders everyone she finds alive in her house. To stay alive in this residence, you have five days to plan your escape or murder the woman. If you are unable to achieve this, you will perish after five days either by being trapped within the home or by escaping outside.

You have two ways to leave the house: either unlock the front door or start the wrecked automobile. You’ll need to locate the components required to start the automobile if you’re attempting to flee through one. To start the automobile, you’ll need an engine, spark plugs, gas, an oil pump, and a battery.

When you locate Granny, you’ll need to capture her and look for firearms and crossbows to murder her. To win the game, each participant must by all means avoid being discovered by Grandma. But when you’re not looking, grandmother hits you with a baseball bat due to your actions.

For safety, set up an ice trap and a sauna trap before shooting her once again. The game goes on until you successfully make your getaway, or until all of the supplies run out and Granny discovers you and kills you.

Screenshot or Granny Mod
Screenshot or Granny Mod

Features of Granny Mod Apk

Time to leave her residence, but go with caution and in silence. She hears every word you say. She hears when you drop anything on the ground and rushes over. Numerous Granny Mod Apk features are listed in the next section. When you look at its features, you’ll see how remarkable this game is.

Escape The Room Undetected

You, the player, are imprisoned with a crazy grandmother who kills visitors to her home. The sole solace is a game that is incorporated with her blindness. She can hear everything in the home, so it doesn’t matter that she is blind.

Despite being an old woman, her small legs enable her to quickly reach practically every part of the home. You must remain covert if you want to get away. Therefore, get Granny Mod Apk invisible to remain covert.

Plenty Of Game Modes

It’s difficult to compare Granny’s House to other horror video games. There are several modes for the game. There are six Dorothys and two grandmothers in the Escape Mode. There is also the infection mode, in which each player is in charge of themself and must either escape or be captured.

You may also battle Granny with an online player in Story Mode. You’ll experience some thrilling moments when playing the recreation mode.

Granny Unlimited Health & Clues

The limitless health that the Granny Mod Apk offers keeps you alive even when Granny catches you and slaps you in the head. Your character continues the escape after receiving medical attention. Additionally, you will get infinite hints to assist you to go on in the game if you become stranded and are unable to discover an exit.

Do Not Make Any Noise

Granny is an exceptional listener. She is blind, thus her primary means of communication is through hearing. The easiest approach to avoid being discovered is to avoid telling her where you live and what you do, so run away. She will trace your character and pursue you if you don’t heed her instructions. To keep yourself safe, you should refrain from making noise in the house or when using granny modifications.

Unlimited Ammo And Everything

You may fast flee using the different weaponry in the game, such as shotgun rounds and energy cannons. So it’s crucial to gather everything, including weapons and escape gear. If you run out of weapons and resources, you can’t kill Granny. As a result, Granny murders you. You will have infinite ammunition for your escape from the Granny terror mansion, though, thanks to the Granny Mod Apk.

Granny Mod Apk Tips and Tricks

Granny’s house is the first building that appears in the scene when you initially start the game. Before you open the door, be sure you have the key. You may exit the room if you have it. He begs you to unlock the coded door as you exit the chamber from the opening scene.

In the third scenario, you will discover keys, pliers, hammers, and the door code at home. Look for it everywhere throughout the home. The fourth scene features the elderly woman being distracted by music or radio noise or locating belongings and departing the house with them.

Finding the concealed key or anything else within the house is no longer a simple task. In addition, this game has a ton of secrets and activities. How you play it will depend on your inventiveness.

Download Granny Mod Apk

To keep players interested in this game, the publisher often adds new challenges and areas. The most recent version of Granny includes internet play, allowing users to investigate this enigmatic property together. To disappear from view in the game, use the granny mod menu, which is accessible on PC, iOS, and Android.

Download Granny Mod Apk Outwit by clicking the button above, then follow the on-screen directions. Your Android smartphone does not need to be rooted. This program is secure and simple to use.

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Granny Apk Mod Menu Mods The visuals and audio of nullzerep are so awful that they will make you shiver while you play. Fans of horror television, movies, and dramas should like it. You feel accomplished if the game is completed. The athletes had unforgettable moments as they embrace an elderly woman in the dark. To experience fleeing from the terrifying house, get the Granny unblocked Apk.

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